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3rd Eye Vehicle Tracking System

Introduction : 

3rd Eye Vehicle Tracking Service seems your 3rd eye which is the All Seeing Eye. It's an excellent way for anyone to monitor their cars, trucks, or vehicles effectively. Monitoring is not just getting the address and seeing the vehicle on map but also getting other real time details like speed, stops, mileage, route changes, detailed analysis and exceptions of trips. also get automatic SMS & E-Mail alerts on the specific events like Over speeding, Route Deviation, Unexpected halts etc…

So now with the 'All Seeing Eye' get your vehicle in your control.

Features :

  • See a moving vehicle/ Asset real-time on internet-enabled PC/Mobile or Smart Phone.

  • See the group of vehicles together on the same screen with position automatically being updated in real-time.

  • This unique GPS Monitoring System makes recovery of stolen vehicles possible even up to 99%.

  • Automatic SMS alert of Over Speeding, Change in Route, etc.

  • Stop fuel theft by Monitoring fuel more accurately and efficiently without being relied on odometer or manual record maintained by the driver.

  • A very small device can be kept hidden.

  • Ability to set up Geographical Virtual fence simply by clicking on the map (Automatic alerts are released when the vehicle enters or leaves the geofence)

  • Switch off engine/fuel pump in case of theft. (optional)

  • Customizable SMS/Email Alerts & Schedule email reports

  • Press the panic button in case of an emergency for automatic distress message on mobile. (optional)

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