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RFID Based Process Automation


Introduction : 

RFID-Based Process Automation At 3rd Eye Informatics, we harness the power of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to revolutionize your business operations. RFID is an advanced auto-identification technology that enables efficient tracking and management of items through wireless data transmission. By attaching RFID tags to items, we empower them to communicate their identity, status, location, and other stored information, thereby enhancing process visibility and automation. we leverage RFID technology to streamline and automate your processes, ensuring enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and visibility throughout your operations. Embrace the future of process automation with our cutting-edge RFID solutions.

Features :

  • Each RFID tag contains a microchip with a unique ID and an antenna to wirelessly transmit data.

  • Tags can store extensive information such as manufacturer details, batch numbers, ownership data, destinations, and historical records.

  • Tags are available in read-only, write-once, and re-writable formats, catering to various application needs.

  • Battery-free, these tags are powered by the reader's electromagnetic field and are ideal for cost-effective applications.

  • Equipped with their own battery, active tags offer longer read ranges and are suited for high-value items and distant tracking.

  • Stationary readers for consistent monitoring in specific locations.

  • Portable devices for flexible, on-the-go scanning.

  • Antennas transmit electromagnetic fields to activate tags and receive data back from them.

  • Tag antennas receive power and transmit information to the reader, ensuring smooth data exchange.

  • Enterprise software processes data captured by readers, providing immediate insights into operations.

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